Jesse Hostetler

Jesse is the president and owner of HCD. He has been in woodworking most of his life and can design, quite literally, anything you want. Spending most of his time in the office he organizes production and takes care of all sales. He and his family love to vacation in the mountains as often as possible.

Jason Hostetler

Jason is the main builder and shop manager. He has the experience, tools and mind to make anything you want. He also loves to fish.

Dan Bittaker

Dan is the father of 4 and the main finisher at the shop. Also one of the go-to sports and general trivia guys.

Kyle Haynam

Kyle works as a drawing editor and builder. He has a wife and daughter and lives in North Canton.

Troy Haynam

Troy works as an installer and also project supervisor. You may very well meet him as we finish up your projects with the final touches. Otherwise, he might be watching a baseball game.

Caleb Lapish

Caleb builds and finishes, adding much needed versatility in a small custom shop. While not at work, he will usually be fly fishing.

Jason Patton

Jason is the main cabinet assembler and oversees deliveries. He is also well rounded in sports and trivia.

Marion Miller

Marion recently rejoined the team as finisher and builder. He has 4 kids and lives in Hartville.