Custom Color Matching

Our finish room has the tools and ability to match nearly any finish. Not just standard color matching, we can replicate antique finishes, worn edge, stain/glaze samples and anything else. We can also work to develop colors and styles for you.

Completely Custom

There's really nothing standard about our work, because each cabinet; each piece is specifically cut for your project. We don't stock box parts, drawers, doors, or even toe kicks. This means we can customize nearly anything. Houses come in all different shapes and sizes and we build our cabinets to fit your area perfectly.

Finished Interiors and Undercabinets

Many custom cabinets will involve open sections or glass door; in those areas we pay special attention to make sure the cabinet parts are finished with the exterior color. Not only the interior but the underside of the upper cabinets have finished skins applied to hide the standard clear prefinished look.

Finishing Process

For stained finishes we apply 3 coats of finish; 2 coats of sealer to lock in color and protect the wood, and a top coat for increased protection and a finish smooth to the touch, unlike most other furniture grade finishes. Our top coats are available in different sheens for the desired level of shine.

MDF Panels and Tops

Never using particle board, we are committed to strength and quality for your cabinetry. One of our wood substitutes is MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) It saves cost, stays straighter, and paints smoother than other solid wood products while remaining durable in the right applications.

3/4" Thick Shelves with Solid Nosing

To prevent sagging over time, we make out shelves with 3/4 thick plywood and put a minimum 1" clear finished solid wood edge for added strength and a custom, elegant look.

Dovetailed Drawer Boxes

Our drawer boxes are made of 5/8" thick solid maple, dovetailed together for maximum strength. They are clear coated with 2 coats of finish, which feel as smooth as the exterior of your cabinets.